Re-Introduction and First Thoughts

Hopefully I will use this blog more than my last one.  I wonder, now that I am no longer on Facebook or Twitter if anyone will actually read any of this?  Oh well, If you find this somehow, welcome.  I hope you enjoy.  My other blog ( was written to be like other blogs I enjoyed and learned a lot from, but truthfully wasn’t  always a reflection of where I was in life.  I felt hypocritical posting some of the positive things I posted there, when in fact I felt pretty negative at time. I hope to be more honest and transparent in this blog. That isn’t to say that the thing I wrote there aren’t reflective of what I believe, or what I was striving for at that time.  It was just delivered behind one of those creepy smiling  Greek drama masks.  I may even, in time, go back and post on both blogs if I feel some compelling reason to do so exists. For now, I want to start with a clean slate and just use this, as mush as anything else, an online journal of what I am feeling and living in a particular moment.

So, let’s just see where this thing goes…….



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