The Blessing of Friends

This evening my family celebrated a joint birthday party for my now 8 year old, and my soon to be 4 year old at a local “inflatable” party place. We were joined by family and friends from our Daughter’s school, Dance class, Church and a few other friends. Amidst the chaos of the event, I was struck by how unbelievably blessed we were to have so many people to celebrate with. Some we have known for a long time, some we are just getting to know. These kind of events are not my forte. I feel overwhelmed and edgy. For all of my extrovertedness, I am not a crowd person. I want to run away, or I overcompensate with bluster and bad small talk. All of that seemed to fade away , though, tonight as I drank in the smiles and laughter around me. When I looked at the kids, some of them only meeting today, playing with pure abandon. I realized that some of these friendships could be the kind that last a lifetime. That the little girl running through the bounce house with my daughter may one day be playing out this same scenario together with their children. How special, to have that time together. While we hauled off a kings ransom in presents at the end, I can’t help but feel the best thing my kids got was this moment to be with friends and family. To revel in each others company. To lose themselves in play. That is worth more than all the other wrapped gifts combined and multiplied!

I am so grateful for everyone who came, and we missed those who couldn’t make it and hope we can see them soon as well! Thank you God for the gift of fellowship, of family, and of time together. Thank you for making us relational, and for blessing us with people to share this life with so richly.



Yesterday was my first born’s 8th birthday. Hard to believe. We marked the occasion with a special pancake breakfast, Wifey and I took the day off from work and brought her class donuts and then capped it off with a trip to Frankie’s arcade. Happy Birthday, my little princess, I hope it was a fantastic day, and I am happy we could celebrate it together!





My Favorite Albums…

My good friend/mentor/favorite Irishman Alastair Vance posted a blog on my favorite albums as a part of a series on our entire Worship team at StoryChurch (check out the others in the series too…I especially love Andrew’s), and I just thought I would share that here as well.  Most people reading this, probably also read Alastair’s blog too, but I thought I would post the link here anyway!


Thanks for the kind words and the shout out, Al!